Psalm 60

Bruce Irons - Action

God, You have turned away from us;
You have shattered us into a million tiny pieces;
You have boiled with anger.
Now put us back together, and refresh us with Your mercy.
You have made the earth shake; You have cracked it open effortlessly.
Heal the fissures in the earth, for it is unsteady.
You have caused Your people to suffer;
You have provided us with wine that makes us stagger.

You have unfurled a banner for those who revere You,
a signal to gather in safety out of the enemy’s reach.


So that Your treasured ones may be saved,
rescue us with Your right hand, and answer our pleas!

God’s voice has been heard in His holy sanctuary:
“I will celebrate; I will allocate Shechem
and the Succoth Valley to My people.
Gilead belongs to Me, and so does Manasseh;
Ephraim is the helmet that protects My head;
Judah is the scepter through which I rule;
Moab is the washpot in which I rinse My feet.
I will throw My shoe over Edom in conquest;
prepare for My victory, Philistia. Cry out because of Me!”

But who will take me into the fortified city?
Who will lead me into Edom?
10 Have You not turned Your back on us, O God?
Will You stay away and not accompany our armies, O God?
11 Help us against our enemy; we need Your help!
It’s useless to trust in the hand of man for liberation.
12 Only through God can we be successful.
It is God alone who will defeat our enemies and bring us victory!

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My Thoughts

David writes this Psalm in the middle of all these conquests against his enemies.  He is all over the place… God is against them… God is with them… he sounds like I often do when I am trying to make sense of difficult times in my life.  I think it is good to wrestle with these things but the conclusion that David comes to is the only conclusion.  It is the one truth that we can always hold onto… “Only through God can we be successful.  It is God alone who will defeat our enemies and bring us victory”.  We live in this victory, victory over death, sin and Satan.  Because Jesus was victorious we are free.  So every breath we take is a breath as a free person in Christ.  What a gift.  Thank you Lord.


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